How To Recovery Lost Files

There are times that valuable files are deleted accidentally because of a physical issue of the computer or laptop hardware. It could also be that the storage device was corrupted. Now, the user gets panic thinking that it had been completely deleted. But remember that once a file is deleted, it can still be found in the recycle bin because it automatically goes there. You simply look for the deleted file in the recycle bin and then click Restore. But what if the recycle bin has been emptied? Is it possible to recover the lost files?

What happens is that the moment you click the Delete button, the data or information was only hidden by the system so as to free up some space for use. If you changed your mind and wanted the deleted data back, all you have to do is recover the file by rebuilding its file directory. However, if you have deleted the data for quite some time and you have always been using the device, there is a huge possibility that the deleted data might be overwritten by new information or data, which will eventually replace and delete the contents of the deleted data forever. It basically decreases the chance of a successful file recovery.

Here’s how to recover files from:

  • Recycle Bin
    If the file or data was only deleted and moved to the Windows Recycle Bin and you have not emptied the Recycle Bin yet, retrieval of the deleted file or data is just easy. All you have to do is to open the Recycle Bin, find the file then right-click the chosen file and click Restore. You will recover and restore the deleted file and then find it to where it was originally saved.
  • Backup
    You have to make sure that the drive where you saved your backup is available. First thing is to click the Start button, Control Panel, System, and Maintenance, and then you click Backup and Restore. After which, you click Restore my files and then just follow the steps given in the Wizard.

Data Recovery Software
There are actually experts who know how to recover files from corrupted storage devices and RAID servers, among others.  Those experts do the miracle of recovering files that are already unrecoverable.

Data recovery software is now available in the market. It is designed to deal with complex and serious data loss situations such as format recovery, deleted recovery, and data recovery after a system crash and virus attack, among others. It basically recovers deleted and corrupted files from USB Drive, memory card, external hard drive and many more. You can also try them.