The Growing Importance Of Forensic Data Services

Forensic data services help uncover exactly what a computer user has been doing.  Computer forensics reveal documents that were accessed, transferred elsewhere, or deleted. Such important services also provide a detailed listing of the user’s online surfing activities. Most importantly, forensic data services disclose a lot about a person. Therefore, a computer forensics witness is often required during civil litigation,backed up by highly qualified forensic data.

Trade Secret Leak
Computer forensics helpbreak down what recent actionshave taken place on a computer. Sometimes users try to conceal illicit activities while working on company time. Deceitful employees may use obfuscation technologies such as privacy software and encryption to attempt to hide inappropriate dealings.

It is common for disgruntled employees to leave a business and take important information to a competitor. Vendor information, client data, past quotes, employee stats, and moreare all confidential and highly-valued. This data helps previous employees snag clients, other employees, vendors, and classified information out from under their former employer.

Forensic Data Services
Forensic data services are used to research and answer many types of questions for examiners. Businesses want to know if trade secrets are being leaked out or if a rogue employee stole confidential company data before leaving. Since it is so easy to transfer information to external drives, they want to know if any storage devices have recently been connected to a company computer. Are there any signs that sensitive files have been transferred or copied to external sources,such as a USB drive, cloud storage, tablet, or email?

A computer forensics witness may also need to answer the following questions:

  • Exactly what actions took place on a specific date and time?
  • Were programs run or installed to cover illicit activity?
  • What files did the user delete?
  • Did the user transfer confidential information to an outside party?
  • Were standard rules of conduct broken, in regards tothe acceptable use of company computers?
  • Were any documents reproduced or forged?
  • Was the computer accessed by anyone else who may want to frame the suspect?

Usage analysis helps uncover all these answers and more. Forensic data service providers are experts at finding important data and analyzing the metadata to explain the chain of events in question.