Why So Many Cloud Systems Use XenServer

How XenServer Started?
The XenServer is a hypervisor that so many cloud systems considered to use. It first started with a research paper, done for a school. It was done at the University of Cambridge and led by Ian Pratt and his Ph.D. student, Keir Fraser. Such research paper came to life as the duo executed in putting the plan into action. Soon enough, by 2003, Xen was released. After that, the other versions of Xen are up for release.

Why It Is Used Most Often?
In these, what is popular to use still matters especially to those who are into technology. Just like the way customer review works—the thoughts of other people about a certain product or service matters because it shows how good or how bad they truly are. Because of that, people should be aware of the reputation of them. Nonetheless, that is not a problem with Xen because of the way it presents itself to the people and how other people perceive it—a trustworthy software.

  • It is free?
    Of course, the XenServer being free is a highly desirable attribute because people naturally like free things especially when it could benefit them. So many cloud systems probably use this because it decreases their cost. Take note that not all services on the internet or through technology are free and they may, at times, be costly. That is what makes Xen have the upper hand.
  • Easy to navigate through
    Due to its microkernel design, the Xen is easy to use but it still contains all the necessary functions such as accounting, resource management, auditing, etc. there are for a hypervisor. Nonetheless, they come at a near minimum for users to navigate easily through. The completeness of function and easiness of use made the Xen desirable since it is not all the time people would want to get to know the complex functions of a software.

Learning how Xen works is easy because there are comprehendible manuals available on the internet. For those who want to save their data on a cloud with Xen, everything they have to know is made available and anyone may have easy access to it. Just take time to follow them because their tasks are simple, as compared to the other hypervisors out there. Anyways, the software is free so taking time to get to know it thoroughly doesn’t involve cost. After that, you are all set to enjoy the benefits of the software.